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Last year, software company Canva valuation reached an all-time-high of $40 billion. This makes Canva one of the most valuable startups in the entire world.
Given that, it's not surprising that many investors want to know if the company plans to sell shares on the stock market. And of course, the most important question throughout potential investors: When will Canva IPO?
But what is Canva anyway? How does the company make its money, and should you invest in Canva's IPO? We will give you information so you can find an answer to these questions.

Canva, a platform for online design

Founded in 2013, Canva is an online company based in the Australian state of New South Wales. Canva offers services in the field of graphic design. The services range from simple projects such as adjusting a title image to more complicated tasks.
Canva primarily benefits from its user-friendly platform. This works according to the freemium model. Many features on Canva's site are completely free. You can sign up for free within a few minutes and start creating a design right away. With a little creativity, users can thus create professional graphic designs.
At the same time, Canva doesn't limit the free features too much. You'll find over 250,000 templates, over 100 design types, and a huge amount of free photos and graphics. Even cloud storage with 5 GB of storage won't cost you a dime!
Still, Canva makes a lot of money. And this is due to one of the company's great strengths – they manage to make users love spending money on the paid offerings as well.

Canva is used by millions of people around the world

Canva makes most of its money today from subscriptions, courses, and marketplace fees. Especially, the freemium model attracts numerous users and companies. As a result, Canva has built a loyal fan base that regularly use the company's services. Over time, the graphic design software company managed to win them over with subscription models.
Today, Canva earns most of its money from 5 different revenue streams. These are:

- Canva Pro, for professional graphic designers.
- Companies that use Canva for support
- Canva Print, printing designs on physical materials
- Design School, a collection of courses for design and social media
- Canva Marketplace, enables the purchase of premium designs
More than 60 million people now actively use Canvas' monthly subscription service. The company's claim is that at least 85% of the Fortune 500 use the Canva platform. Some of the largest companies using Canva's services today include PayPal, Warner Music Group, and HubSpot.
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Canva's international expansion

As you can see, Canva is expanding at an impressive rate. Already, the platform is popular and facilitating the work of graphic designers all over the world. The Corona pandemic, in particular, has had a big impact on allowing more and more workers to work from home.

The company's rapid development can also be seen in the number of employees it employs. In 2020 alone, Canva doubled its number of employees. Another increase of at least 100% is planned by the end of 2022. Canva also seems to be extremely popular as an employee - in 2021 alone, 180,000 people applied for a job with the company.

It is true that Canva has its headquarters in the Australian metropolis of Sydney. But the graphic design company is also opening more and more offices in the international arena. Today, Canva has offices in San Francisco, London, Beijing and Manila, among others.

Canva is a profitable software company

In 2020 alone, Canva generated $700 million in revenue. The following year, the company even managed to crack the 1 billion revenue mark. At the same time, Canva only made $25 million in revenue in 2017. This means that the company's revenue growth has increased by about forty times in 4 years.
Canva's profit also proves that Canva has a positive cash flow. In 2017 alone, the company earned a net $1.86 million. While there are no recent statistics, the company has confirmed that Canva remains profitable.

Canva's valuation increased to $40 billion

Canva has raised about 753 million euros in several venture capital rounds since its inception. Among the most prominent firms that have invested in Canva are T. Rowe Price, Softbank, Blackbird Ventures and Felicis Ventures. And that are just a few of the big venture capital firms.
In September, Canva's capital increased by another $200 million. Thus, the company has received a valuation of $40.

At the same time, this round of funding came just 5 months after the previous one, in which Canva was valued at $15 billion. This means that Canva has almost tripled its valuation in half a year. Right after ByteDance, Stripe, SpaceX, and Klarna, these statistics put Canva in fifth place in the list of the most valuable startups in the world.

In the future, Canva's business will continue to grow. Currently, the company is valued with a revenue multiple of 40. Especially the low prices of the premium features, the loyal users of the platform and the expansion in the international area provide for this impressively high revenue multiplier.
However, you should note that such a high multiplier is by no means unusual for most software companies. For example, the company Snowflake has a projected revenue multiple of 96, and Airbnb has one of 14.

Canva ASX IPO expected in 2022

Most startups go public after a Series E funding round. Canva, however, has long passed that point. And to date, the company has not announced any concrete plans that point to an IPO in Australia.

But Canva's $40 billion valuation will naturally pique the interest of investors around the world once Canva announces its IPO intentions. Financial analysts are sure that you can still expect to invest in Canva in 2022.


Is Canva IPO worth the investment?

The year 2021 alone was a record year for the public markets. Numerous companies had valuations of over a billion dollars at the time of their IPO.
According to renowned financial experts, a rosy future beckons for Canva stock on the stock market. 

Many investors can therefore hope that they can increase their capital by a lot by investing in Canva shares. Therefore, it is worthwhile to invest your money in companies as early as possible.

Where can you buy Canva stock?

The only way to buy Canva stock is through private allocations, unless you are fortunate/rich enough to be invited to a funding round then the only way to acquire Canva shares Pre-IPO is to purchase them from existing investors, if you can find someone who wants to sell.


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